Author Topic: Hello to All my Brothers at the EHRC Rally in Elkton This Weekend  (Read 1733 times)

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Hey, Brothers!

Sorry I couldn't make it, you know I want to be there with you...but I am in spirit.  Things are crazy right now with work and this theft recovery of #263, not to mention some extra funds being diverted by the impound shop and another worthwhile endeavor.

Rained out here yesterday (WHAT?), so doing some chores today.  A buddy of mine (known him for awhile, as he's a Saab affectionato, too) is opening a new Ducati shop locally and is hosting a ride tomorrow morning.  He's coaxed an awesome mechanic (kind of the Jamie of Italian bikes) to run the motorcycle side of the shop, as Don is tired of doing the same commute I do to everyday to work at a shop in the East Bay.  As my luck (do I have any?) has it, that other shop also had Moto Guzzi, Aprilla and MV Agusta besides Douche-catis, so that's a huge plus for me.

So...I'll clean up one of the "wop" bikes (Sophia, Luigi or Guido) today and head out in the morning.  Wish I was in the Shenandoah Valley today, riding a X with you guys.  Keep it safe and drink some shine for me tonight around the bonfire.  Fire It Up, my Brothers!

Sean Howard
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Re: Hello to All my Brothers at the EHRC Rally in Elkton This Weekend
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Hey Sean!! You were missed! But it's o.k.... I drank your share of the BBBBEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!