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Welcome to the X Riders Club Resource Forums where you can experience and share in real time all things regarding your 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycle. You will need to register to use these Resource Forums, and there are three primary categories: (1) The Resource Discussion Forums, (2) My Events, Rallies, Rides calendar and discussion, and (3) Classified Ads listings in the My Garage Sale. Over time these resource forums have become a great destination to learn and share your knowledge with fellow aficionados.

The forums are available for any topic, including technical, business, general, or whatever you would like to discuss, past, present, and riding into the future... In the My Events, Rallies, Rides area of the Forum, you will be able to self-post any special events, rides, rallies, etc...In addition, there is the Classified Ads My Garage Sale listing service where you can self-list items for sale or buy--much like eBay, only better since it's here at the XH site! These Resource Forums should become very useful tools for your use. As a reminder--and in the spirit of rider cooperation--please be respectful in your use of these public forums.

Please note, there is an XHmotorcycles Riders Council (XHRC) that serve as the moderators for the discussion forums.

Thank you.

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