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The nature of being a consumer lifestyle driven motorcycle company, allowed the company many marketing avenues that prefers direct interaction and involvement with riders and aficionados, so the day-to-day real time eXperience is of more importance than capturing it. However, the company would seek to document certain milestones for historical and communication purposes recognizing that not everyone can directly experience the brand. These videos were put together to help market and communicate the 1993 - 2000 EH story. The company officially never had a consumer video produced. While not perfect--and created prior to digital media--they still capture the spirit of the bold endeavor and the fun and excitement of making it happen. Some glorious moments...

Super X Early Prototype Burnout

Various members of the Road Crew became famous (or infamous) for the very popular burnouts. The 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X clearly showed it's strength and durability even at the prototype phase. Here is Dan Hanlon doing a quick burnout on a prototype with an early Weslake built engine at Daytona Bike Week 1998. Enjoy!

Reborn to be Wild - Corporate Style

The Company conducted many national road show presentations required for financing and investor communications--this is one of the videos the company put together to bring the brand to life on Wall Street and Main Street. This was not designed as a consumer video and was continually adapted over time. Used by Dan Hanlon on many occasions. circa 2000.

The Factory Tour

This video was created to show prospective interested corporate and financial partners the comprehensive scope of the factory and operations. Impressive what was designed, built, and operated in a short period of time. On budget and on plan. Also shown is Dan Hanlon's office. circa 2000-2001.

Dealer Tech

This video was created for the dealer network on the new model year 2000 lineup, along with some technical tips and ongoing product changes. Conducted by the lead Dealer Technical Manager, Dave "Doc" Danielson. circa 1999.

CNBC National News Segment

The company had a lot of media coverage nationally and internationally, including print, radio, TV, and just prior to the internet explosion--which would have been a great help to the Company's media efforts. This clip is from a news segment in Los Angeles, CA. circa 1998.

Jay Leno Visit

The story of Jay Leno's connection to the Company is explained in the book Riding The American Dream, and this news clip is from Jay's visit to the Burnsville, MN design and corporate headquarters, several years prior to production. It was an exciting day. circa 1997

Big X Shareholder Meeting

This is an informal news clip that was put together by our internal/external marketing team (long before digital was available) to highlight the First Annual Shareholders Reunion. Over 5,000 attendees and among the largest public company shareholder meetings in the nation. A miraculous turnout on a beautiful Minnesota summer day. circa 1998

Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony

After what seemed like an eternity--yet was just a few short years--the company planned to move its location from Burnsville, MN to the new headquarters and factory in the Hanlon's hometown of Belle Plaine, MN. Another record was acheived as among the largest groundbreaking ceremonies in the world. Over 2,000 attendees, young and old alike. circa April 14, 1997

Return of a Legend

Okay, this is a really cool video, and the first video produced for the company by our marketing firm. Primarily designed for controlled-use with potential corporate partners, investors, financiers, dealers, and other business alignments to build out the company. A big issue of communicating the business plan, was describing the full intentions of the company, and this video in 14 minutes tells the future story yet to unfold. circa 1995

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