Tech Overview

The initial design parameters of the 1999 Super X were crafted during 1993 by Hanlon Manufacturing Company (later renamed). The goal was to have a design inspired by the original Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles of the pre-1931 era, and then updated as though the previous company had never ceased business. The Henderson DeluXe Four and Excelsior Super X motorcycle series—produced by the Chicago-based Schwinn motorcycle factory of the late 1920s--were credited with being among the originators of what became known as the American cruisers look. Wherein for the first time, frames were designed with a low-slung look and the seats lowered into the frame providing a lower center of gravity, and the fuel tanks became the round-curved style (bulbous)—all in part creating a low, sleek and powerful look. Other manufacturers of the time adopted this modern style, and today's motorcycles still mimic this--it has stood the test of time.

The newly produced OEM production series 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycles all had the same proprietary engine, transmission, fuel tank, frame, and fork/fender configurations. Variations occurred in the color schemes, accessories, electronic fuel mapping, tires, etc… As with all new OEM products--based on engineering and production input--sometimes changes were made in real time on the assembly line in order to incorporate knowledge learned; whether from those assembling, riding, testing, or vendors supplying parts. In addition, during part number transitions, sometimes there are overlaps in part quantities so there may be a few bikes with part assembly and serial number variances. All this is typical in a manufacturing environment.

The new engine was designed both in part as a clean slate, and as an update to an engine design that was purchased from the Weslake Engine Company of England in 1994. The Weslake company had a lot of fame for modern engine designs, and had previously designed a high-performance dual-overhead cam, four-valve V-twin, air-cooled motorcycle engine—that they had run very successfully on the race circuit, and then moth-balled it. It was this design that was purchased, then re-designed to a larger bore and stroke engine--renamed to X-twin--to ultimately become the modern day 1999-2000 Super X motorcycle engine, which the factory in Belle Plaine, MN tooled up and stepped into production. This effort short-circuited the development timeframe and greatly reduced the financial and technological risk to the business of developing a proprietary drivetrain platform. The dual-overhead cam, four-valve, fuel injected (closed loop), X-twin motorcycle engine. Even though this design originated in the late 1980s, it is still among the most innovative motorcycle power plants to this day.

When transitioning from prototype to production processes, along with additional learning combined with the actual field results from customers riding motorcycles will help determine what items on your motorcycle need maintenance or revisions. Please review these pages for technical support. This Official EH website is a good resource for you to learn more about your bike, download any manuals, parts and service information, and listings of service shops and parts. This site is designed to provide the broad knowledge so you can make better informed decisions of how you should care for your motorcycle.

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