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Welcome to the home of the XH Riders Club (XHRC)...the Official Club for classic 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycles, and includes internationally-based riders, owners, and aficionados. The Riders Club is the new name for the previous Road Club, otherwise everything else continues...only the name is changed.

Here you will be able to learn more about The Club, buy apparel, connect on social media networks with fellow Club members, and obviously also join the Club!

The Excelsior-Henderson brand name has a rich heritage that dates to January 16, 1876 with the launch of the Excelsior Supply Company by George T. Robie in Chicago, IL, that grew and prospered and was among the first motorcycle companies in America to come into prominence during the very early 1900's. Bicycle magnate Ignatz Schwinn of Chicago purchased the company, along with the Henderson Motorcycle Company of Detroit, thus establishing the merged brands of Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles, ceasing production at the height of the great depression in 1931. The brand was revived by entrepreneur Daniel Hanlon in the early 1990's as a modern-era independent motorcycle company that created new styling and design features inspired by the earlier innovative models of the Excelsior-Henderson brand.

As a growing popular sport, like-minded folks joined together to form riding clubs that continues through today and forward for future generations of aficionados to enjoy.  The X Riders Club fosters the experience of riding and owning a 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X, and enjoying fellowship and comaraderie.  Please join our Club and join us at our events around the world.

Please navigate around these Club pages to learn more about joining us here at the XHRC, and continue to browse our website for additional information on the 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycles.

Thank you for joining us at the XH Riders Club...the Official Club for owners and riders of 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X Motorcycles...

"Onward & Upward." 


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