New Owner Introduction

First, we officially welcome you to the unique eXperience of owning and riding one of the most modern and unique motorcycles designed in the 20th century--the 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycle--and continues to be a reliable well-designed motorcycle for today’s riders. With its modern design, engineering, adherence to quality, and excellent finish, your motorcycle can provide years of enjoyment.

Since this model was built primarily for two production years, there should rightly be some thought given to your purchasing decision. Some would view this as owning a piece of American history, such as owning a Crocker motorcycle, or a Tucker, Packard or DeLorean automobile--all today highly collectible--where the experience of owning something unique outweighs the concerns. In short, as many owners would state, these motorcycles can be ridden consistently, considering they are not new! With over a combined 10 million miles of road riding, one can buy with confidence knowing any issues you have will be resolved through the resources of this website, owners, riders, and the Authorized Licensed Service Shops that share knowledge together to ensure these bikes have proper service.

So, if you’re considering buying a 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycle, please peruse this website as part of your decision making process, and if you’ve already bought one, welcome to your new motorcycling family. The rest of this website will help to familiarize you with the company history and with the motorcycle. Also, please verify and update your motorcycle in the Registry.

...Onward & Upward...